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Preparing Your Trees for the Winter

Winter in Lexington, KY isn’t usually severe, but it’s still a season when your trees get less sunlight and less hydration than other times of the year. This is where our arborists at Top Quality Landscaping come in to advise you and lend a hand. Whether they’re deciduous or evergreen, we can help you make sure they get through the cold season. The best time to prepare your trees is in the fall, when it’s neither too hot nor too cold to work outside. Here are some ways to prepare your trees for winter.

Wrap Them

Not all trees need to be wrapped to withstand the winter, but some do:

  • Those that have been recently planted
  • Trees with thin bark
  • Deciduous trees
  • Evergreens that are weak or in the way of strong winds

Trees with thin bark include maples, lindens, and various ornamental trees. These trees are at risk for something called sunscald. It happens when frozen bark on the southern side of the tree is suddenly heated, thaws out, and then refreezes. This kills the bark tissue. You can either wrap the tree entirely in burlap and secure it with pins, or place a triangle of stakes around the tree and wrap burlap around the stakes.

Add Mulch

Mulch locks in moisture, and organic mulch eventually breaks down to add nutrients that the tree needs. Add about two to four inches of mulch around the tree, but don’t let it touch the place where the roots meet the trunk. If the tree is deciduous, add its fallen leaves to the mulch.

Water Deeply

Give the tree a deep drink of water from the trunk to the drip line, which is where the longest branches end. Try to water the tree slowly but steadily, and give it about 10 gallons per inch of the diameter of the trunk. For example, a tree with a trunk that’s one foot in diameter should get about 120 gallons of water.

Don’t be afraid to water the tree during unusually dry periods. During these times it’s best to water on a sunny day that’s a few degrees above freezing.

Rely on the Local Experts

Though Lexington is more famous for its horses, it also has a wealth of beautiful deciduous and evergreen trees. Our knowledgeable and experienced arborists have been pleased to serve the residents of the Lexington area for over 25 years. Besides preparing trees for the winter, we also help with pruning, emergency care, tree removal, and other tree services. Don’t hesitate to call Top Quality Landscaping today to help you prepare your trees for the cold weather.

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