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Permit Can Make All the Difference

Removing a tree that is rotting, has grown out of control, or is causing nuisance may make sense to you. However, many property owners find that they can’t chop a tree off right away due to one thing – a permit requirement.

When Do You Need a Permit

The first rule of being a successful property owner is to follow the guidelines set forth by the local government. This includes obtaining a permit to remove a tree if it needs one. Most places have ordinances that allow tree removal if and only if it’s threatening the existence of the homeowners and/or neighbors. A tree that is ridden with pests, disease, or rotting inside and out is also allowed to be removed with special permission from the city department. However, if you are removing a tree just because you want to replace it with a vegetable patch, flowering plant, or concrete, a permit may be necessary.

How to Get a Permit

Getting a permit requires filling out a form and paying a set fee. What fee you pay will vary by location. There may be a few exceptions to what kind of tree you will be allowed to remove, irrespective of the situation. Sometimes, native trees and trees that are endangered will not be allowed. Smaller trees that are 5 inches or less in diameter may not require a permit at all. Either way, it’s best to ask your local arborist for details.

What Happens After the Permit

Once your permit is approved, the city will send a person to inspect the tree and offer suggestions. You can either hire a tree removal service professional on your own or the city will offer one. If you are removing the tree for no substantial reason, the city may ask you to replace it with another tree.

What Happens Without a Permit

Without a permit in a place where a permit is mandatory, like in Lexington, KY, you will incur hefty fines. You may also be required to get the nod from your neighbors if a part of the tree is beyond your property boundary. If the tree is in a wetland, habitat, or green belt, without a permit, you may face a long battle with the city. Nevertheless, following guidelines will accurately reflect the value of your property and provide you with peace of mind.

Hiring a high-quality tree removal service company will cover all the requirements surrounding the removal process and dispel many of the ambiguities when it comes to permits. With Top Quality Landscaping from Lexington, KY, you will know what to do and what not to do. For more information, contact them right away.

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