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How Far Away From My House Should I Plant Trees?

Just along the streets alone, Lexington, KY, has more than 50,000 trees of varying species and sizes. So, it’s not unusual for homeowners in the area to be fans of trees on their own properties. If you have plans to plant some trees soon, be mindful of your preferred locations to avoid potential safety risks or maintenance and upkeep headaches. Here’s what you need to know about determining how far away from your house to plant trees.

Use 15 to 20 Feet as a Guide

If you have larger trees you’re planning to plant, the standard recommendation is to go with at least 20 feet – or even a bit beyond this point – from your home. With smaller trees that don’t get too big, 15 feet is a good rule of thumb to follow. You may be able to plant smaller trees a little closer than 15 feet if the root system isn’t expected to be too expansive.

Do Your ‘Tree Homework’ First

Because of the wide variety of trees and growth patterns, it’s important to learn more about any trees you’re considering. Ornamental trees like American Hollies and Kentucky Yellowwoods, for example, are on the smaller side when fully mature. Oak trees, by comparison, can quickly surpass 80 feet in height in a fairly short span of time. What’s more, these trees have large root systems that often branch off from the main root.

Scale Trees to Your Home and Yard

Also with tree spacing, consider the shape and features of your home and yard. Larger trees a proper distance from a two-story home, for example, can be a perfect visual complement. However, if you have a smaller ranch-style home, a larger tree can over-emphasize the size of your home or look out of place. Consider the size and layout of your yard as well. This way, you’ll be able to choose trees that naturally fit in without overcrowding your exterior spaces.

Care for Your Newly Planted Trees

Once you’ve got your preferred trees properly spaced and perched the right distance away from your home, take time to care for them. This is something a professional landscaping company like Top Quality Landscaping can help you out with. In addition to occasional pruning and trimming, proper care for newly planted trees as they age and mature includes:

  • Regular watering around the roots
  • Seasonal cleanup near the base
  • The use of appropriate fertilizer
  • Regular inspections to look for signs of rot and other issues

Need Existing Trees Removed First?

Before you start planting a new tree, take a moment to determine if you have any existing trees that are a bit too close to your Lexington, KY home for comfort. This gives you a chance to either have these trees trimmed or completely removed before you select new ones. Top Quality Landscaping can help you out with tree removal or any other landscaping services you may need.

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