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Emergency Tree Services in Lexington

When most homeowners think about all the issues that could be considered an emergency at their home, most never include Lexington emergency tree service to the list. And while it might sound odd or far-fetched, you will have a new appreciation for the term and event if you ever open the door to see a massive tree lying across your car, rooftop, or about to topple over on a wall or the neighbor’s property. Fortunately, the licensed, bonded, and insured experts at Top Quality Landscaping & Trees are just a call away at 859-695-2401. Our staff is ready to mobilize quickly and respond 24/7 to any tree-related emergency service in the area. And we always provide a complete price quote for our services and stick to the price we quote. There are no hidden fees or added costs from the honest and dependable professionals at Top Quality Landscaping & Trees.

Safety Is Always Paramount

In some cases, the storm damage to your trees will be very straightforward. For example, a large branch falling across the driveway is typically easy to remove. However, there are many times when unforeseen hazards make eliminating a fallen tree or massive branch on the roof of your home very dangerous. These are the situations when the Top Quality Landscaping & Trees team brings out added safety gear, tools, and their years of expertise to safely eliminate any tree issue that could further damage your home or result in an injury to a member of our crew. As professionals in the Lexington emergency tree service industry, our first concern is always for the safety of you and your loved ones, our team, and your property.

The Right Tools For Any Tree Emergency

At Top Quality Landscaping & Trees, our team arrives prepared with the tools and equipment to handle any downed tree or fallen branch quickly and safely. From large equipment and trucks to climbing gear, our crew is well equipped and fully trained to remove hazards from your property and let you get back to your regular routine. Please call us at 859-695-2401 for a free price quote when you have a tree-related emergency. We will get the job done cost-effectively, so you don’t need to worry about the hazard or potential sticker shock when the job is done.

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Leave The Cleanup To Us

Even if you think you can handle eliminating the fallen tree or branch. Remember, tree damage cleanup can be very time-consuming. However, the pros at Top Quality Landscaping & Trees always provide complete cleanup after addressing any tree issues like a fallen tree, hanging limb, or tree debris on your roof. So you never need to worry about gathering branches, raking leaves, or getting your yard back to looking presentable. Simply call 859-695-2401 and know that our efficient crew will handle all the cleanup and then haul away any tree debris to leave your property looking perfect and ready for you to enjoy some relaxing outdoor living. And be sure to let us know if you qualify for our 10% discount offered to seniors and our much appreciated military members.

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