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Should You Have Your Evergreen Trees Trimmed?

Evergreen trees can add a lot of beauty to properties around Lexington. When the cold winter temperatures send many of our trees into dormancy, the evergreens continue to be bright and vibrant. To keep your evergreens looking their best, you may want to have them pruned occasionally. This can help them thrive, and it gives you the opportunity to shape them to your liking.

When It’s Recommended

Evergreens, just like any other tree in your yard, are susceptible to disease. When a tree has been infected with something, it’s recommended that you have unhealthy areas pruned out. Disease can easily spread throughout a tree or even a group of trees, so it’s best to address this problem as soon as you can. If you’re more prompt in your response, there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to save the tree.

Further, evergreen trees can sometimes be damaged by some of the extreme weather that we can occasionally experience in Lexington. In this case, you’ll also want to have the unhealthy sections removed. This ensures that the tree can focus its attention on areas that will thrive.

When It’s Optional

It can be difficult to prune a tree in the proper manner, but if done correctly, it could help certain species grow to be fuller or “bushier.” Some people prefer this style of tree and want to have their Lexington homes complemented by dense evergreens. In addition, trimming an evergreen can keep it from growing too much too quickly.

Why Hire a Professional?

Evergreens generally do very well on their own, especially in our climate. However, there are times in which trimming is called for. It’s important to handle this task carefully since the wrong techniques can harm trees.

Cutting in the wrong location or at the wrong time can damage bark, cause wounds that will have trouble healing, and limit future growth. At the very least, if you trim in the wrong manner, you’ll be left with an awkward-looking tree that will never be able to regain its natural shape.

When you have our team at Top Quality Landscaping take care of the job, we’ll use our expertise, skills, and tools to handle your evergreen tree trimming correctly. We’ll strive to add to the aesthetics of your trees rather than take away from them. Plus, we’re insured and licensed, and we’ll make sure the project is conducted in a safe way.

Evergreens can be pruned if they’ve been damaged or if you’d like to shape them in a certain way. Keep in mind, though, that care has to be taken in order for the tree to be pruned correctly. It’s a smart idea to call on a professional for assistance. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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