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Tree Removal in Lexington

Mature trees add beauty, privacy, and value to your Lexington, KY property. But as they reach the end of their life expectancy, become diseased, or are damaged, those same trees become a safety concern. At Top Quality Landscaping & Trees, we understand your desire to enjoy your trees for as long as possible. However, we also know that waiting too long to remove a tree can result in a disaster. So when you begin to wonder about the stability or safety of any trees on your property, please call 859-695-2401 for a free Lexington tree removal price quote.

Our family-owned and operated Lexington tree removal company has decades of combined experience removing even the most hazardous and challenging trees safely and affordably. So you will know that our price quote for the project is accurate and reliable, as is our pledge to remove the tree without damage to your home or property.

Health And Safety Issues That Warrant Lexington Tree Removal Service

Old age can be kind of tricky when you are evaluating large trees. Unfortunately, as some trees age, they can become more susceptible to disease and less tolerant of droughts or other stressful climate conditions. So a tree that appears healthy and vibrant can severely decline very quickly. At Top Quality Landscaping & Trees, our experts respond quickly when you call for an evaluation of a tree for removal. Some of the issues that we consider when recommending a tree removal in Lexington include:

All of these factors lead us to recommend that the tree be professionally removed to ensure the safety of your home and property. Any one of these issues could compromise the tree’s stability at any time and create costly property damage.

Our Complete Tree Removal Service

When you work with the Top Quality Landscaping & Trees team, rest assured that we will not call the job completed until your property looks perfect. From the safe removal of any tree to the final cleanup of any leaves and wood. In addition, we encourage you to include stump grinding as part of the tree removal price quote.

Standard tree removals leave roughly a foot of the tree stump above ground. Unfortunately, that stump will be an eyesore and tripping hazard for years. And it will likely become home to bugs, insects, and even rodents. So we always recommend stump grinding to remove the unsightly and unsafe tree stump to a few inches below the soil level. Our commercial grinder will make quick work of the job, and our team will clean up all the chips and rake the area. So you never know a tree was removed. This complete service is sure to eliminate all your concerns related to a falling tree or any safety hazard. Please call 859-695-2401 for your free price quote.

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