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Breaking a tree stump with a cutter

5 Benefits of Professional Tree Stump Grinding

Most residential properties in Lexington, KY have a few trees. When a tree becomes diseased or its branches grow in a way that puts people or structures at risk, the tree needs to come down. In addition, a severe weather event, such as the tornadoes Lexington is prone to, could damage or knock down a tree. Once a tree does come down, an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump is left in your yard. There are many benefits of professional tree stump grinding to completely remove the last vestige of the tree from your property.

1. Protect Nearby Trees

A big, old tree stump and its root ball could interfere with nearby healthy trees. Professional removal of the stump protects those other trees. They’ll be able to access the water and nutrients in the soil and have more room to grow.

2. Deter Pests

Many wood-destroying insects live in the Lexington area. If your yard is home to one or more tree stumps, you might end up hosting a colony of termites, or carpenter ants. Those pests could move into your house and cause additional problems. Professional stump grinding deters pests that are attracted to rotting and wet wood. Harmful fungi can also colonize tree stumps, and the spores could spread. Removing the stump reduces the risk of fungal growth in your yard.

3. Improve Aesthetic Appeal

Tree stumps stand out like a sore thumb. They make your yard look unkempt and neglected. Professional stump grinding gets rid of every trace of the tree. You’ll be able to reseed your lawn or plant flowers where the stump was located.

4. Maintain Safety

If your household includes children, pets, or anyone with a balance or mobility issue, tree stumps are a safety hazard. It’s easy to trip over a tree stump, which could result in splinters and other painful injuries. When our arborists at Top Quality Landscaping remove the tree stump, your yard will be safer. You and your household members or guests will be able to walk anywhere in the yard without tripping and falling over a hard tree stump.

5. Keep a Tidy Lawn

You or your landscaper will have an easier time caring for your lawn after removing tree stumps. Pushing or driving a lawn mower around a tree stump is a challenge. With the stump gone, you’ll be able to mow in straight or diagonal lines across your yard. You won’t have to worry about your lawn mower’s blades or wheels hitting the stump and getting damaged.

At Top Quality Landscaping, we offer thorough tree stump grinding services. We clean all the wood chips when we’re done, and we leave your yard neat and safe. To schedule tree stump grinding or any of our other tree or landscaping services, contact us today.

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