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Controlling and Removing Tree Suckers: How Is It Done?

You have spotted a strange branch that is growing out of the roots or the base of one of your trees. At first, this branch appears as though it is part of the tree, but then it starts to take on an entirely different appearance. You may see odd fruit, strange leaves, and a completely different species of tree altogether.

When this happens, this means that your tree has developed a sucker. When trees develop suckers, it is imperative that they be removed by a licensed tree expert to ensure the trees do not become damaged.

What Tree Suckers Are

Tree suckers are nothing more than parasites. Tree suckers are referred to as parasites because they feed off the tree they are inhabiting. To continue to grow, tree suckers steal nutrients, and this causes the health of the tree to deteriorate. This deterioration will detract from the tree’s appearance. Tree suckers develop when trees are under stress or something in the environment is not right.

The Process for Controlling Tree Suckers

It is better for you to keep tree suckers at bay and never give them a chance to develop in the first place. The experts at Top Quality Landscaping recommend you do a few things to ensure that tree suckers never make their home in your trees.

First, do everything within your power to ensure that your trees remain in good health. Often, tree suckers are more prevalent when conditions in the environment threaten the health of your trees, such as pests, disease, overwatering, or drought.

While pruning your trees can prevent suckers, do not be overzealous with pruning your trees. Too much pruning can also cause tree suckers to grow into your trees. It is recommended to cut into growth that is no older than a couple of years. Hiring a tree expert for trimming and pruning services will ensure that the correct amount of pruning is done.

Never Allow Tree Suckers to Remain

You may feel that there is no harm in allowing the tree suckers to remain. You may even reason that you do not want to spend the time and resources removing them. Even so, you must remove tree suckers as soon as you notice them. While tree suckers will not affect the appearance of your trees at first, they will eventually, and you will not like what you see.

Removing Tree Suckers

The process of removing tree suckers is very involved. Sure, you can attempt to do it yourself; however, there is the risk of damaging your trees and making the problem worse. Licensed tree care experts have the training and experience to correctly remove tree suckers.

If you spot tree suckers, you need not wait to remove them. Contact Top Quality Landscaping and our licensed tree experts will restore your trees to good health. We are locally owned and operated in Lexington, and we have over 25 years of experience in the industry. With us, you and your trees are in good hands.

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