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Farmer pruning an apple tree with pruning shears

When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

Pruning is part of routine tree maintenance to encourage the plant’s growth. Removing overgrowth prevents disease outbreaks and keeps your property safe. To some extent, the time of year a tree should be pruned depends on the type of tree it is, but there are some general rules of thumb. Here is what you need to know about summer pruning in Lexington.

Can You Prune Trees in Summer?

You can trim plant overgrowth you spot in summer. Summer storms can bring down weak trees, so you can cut down unstable branches and leaves when you notice them. In fact, storm-damaged limbs that could be dangerous should be removed regardless of the season.

When to Avoid Summer Pruning in Lexington

But summer is not the best time for heavy pruning. At this time, the leaves are rapidly increasing. Heavy pruning can reduce the number of leaves for the next season. Plants need leaves to process nutrients and ensure healthy growth.

If you wait until summer to reduce overgrown canopies, the branches can break, posing a safety hazard. Over-pruning may cause heat stress in the scorching summer heat of Central Kentucky. Without enough leaves, plants cannot control excess temperatures through transpiration.

When Is the Best Time to Prune?

The best time to prune trees in Lexington is spring or late winter. At this time, the plant is dormant, and there is little risk of sap loss. Intertwined branches and cracked limbs are easier to identify since the plant has shed its foliage.

During the hot and humid summer in Fayette County, pests and fungal microbes are at their most active. Therefore, the dormant season is the best time for pruning to control diseases.

You should remove the old and dying branches first, then the weak sprouting twigs. You can shape the tree’s crown size and adjust its weight distribution through tree trimming in winter. Shaping the canopy allows sunlight to reach the lower branches when the plant is active in summer.

Should I Call an Arborist?

You could always do some minimal trimming on your own, but if there are weak parts at risk of falling or if the tree is in decline, you may want to consult arborists from Top Quality Landscaping. Professional pruning considers the species and overall health of the tree. Trees like oaks produce a lot of sap after pruning, which increases the risk of disease. An experienced arborist knows where to make the right cuts and minimize risks to the plant. Without the right tools, homeowners can make incorrect cuts that worsen infections.

If you have doubts about how to trim certain tree species, consider consulting a certified professional. Our arborists apply industry best practices to encourage healthy growth and prevent diseases. You can also rely on Top Quality Landscaping for emergency tree services at affordable rates in Lexington, KY. For any of your trees’ needs, call us today.

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